Tested conservation and protection for cultural heritage: The new HAHN PURE display cases are built from 100 % emission-tested materials according to the comprehensive BEMMA* assessment scheme developed by the BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing.

The development of glass cement eighty years ago was our groundbreaking innovation towards ALLGLASS display cases, designed and built to protect the world's cultural heritage. The aim to protect against airborne pollutants and micro-climatic changes, as well as vandalism and theft is achieved with quality museum display cases of today. However, what about the internal enemy? All vapours emanating from the presented artefacts and – so far without attention - the construction materials? Current evaluation of building materials is usually based on toxicological examination of indoor air exchange rates, while advanced museum display cases are designed with a minimum air exchange rate. Gaseous toxicants are a threat due to concentration levels, which are not identified as toxic or harmful. Thus traditional methods of analysis are only a helpful guideline, but cannot offer a reliable and profound statement on the emission free quality of the display case construction materials. The BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing in Berlin as an independent scientific research institute for the first time addressed this task. They examined the materials used in display case construction and based on these results developed the new assessment scheme BEMMA*. It offers detailed results about the individual materials within five or six days. Consequently, we are the only company offering a new product named HAHN PURE, built exclusively from materials strictly controlled under BEMMA* criteria.

HAHN PURE Brochure Download

PDF, 8-pages, German- English, 1 MB

HAHN PURE Brochure Download

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HAHN PURE Brochure Download

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Landmarks in the Land of Ideas

GLASBAU HAHN with the project HAHN PURE – emission-reduced display cases has been selected as one of the "Landmarks in the Land of Ideas” of 2012. The Frankfurt based company is among the winners in the competition „365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas“ launched by the initiative "Germany - Land of Ideas".

Under the patronage of the German President, since 2006 the "Germany - Land of Ideas" nation-branding initiative has been cooperating with Deutsche Bank to reward ideas and projects that make a lasting contribution to Germany’s future viability.

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