Current requirements to reduce contamination have inspired GLASBAU HAHN not only to build display cases of highest quality and performance, but also to provide the lowest emission rates possible.

Because only chemically inert materials, such as glass and metal, are considered pollutant free, all relevant construction materials and combinations were tested according to the new BEMMA* assessment scheme. Their respective potential for damage was analysed.

Display case samples were built for this purpose, using various material combinations and different case types. Samples were taken to identify the emission behaviour of each component.

For this purpose, the measurement procedures were optimised and specially developed, as existing procedures used for construction products had only a limited scope to reflect the special ambient conditions inside a museum display case.

Consequently, the new BEMMA* assessment scheme was developed by the BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, resulting in our new product HAHN PURE: Conservation at its best.

For our brand HAHN PURE we only use materials that have been verified according to the strict BEMMA* test criteria. As of today, all HAHN display cases and museum equipment can be designed and constructed according to the HAHN PURE specification.

Each HAHN PURE case will be delivered with a port system for the taking of air samples (PEPS), which can be utilised by an accredited laboratory for a specific analysis. This way, the HAHN PURE case can have emissions examined at any time while in use. The option of air withdrawal from the closed case is also possible for the examination of any airborne contaminations that might originate from the exhibited object as such.

Film of taking an air sample (1:31 min.)



  • HAHN PURE cases are exclusively constructed from emission-tested components
  • HAHN PURE cases are the only cases complying with the strict BEMMA* test criteria
  • HAHN PURE cases are delivered with a port system for the taking of samples (PEPS) which offers air sampling at any time
  • All HAHN display cases and complete museum equipment can be delivered in the new HAHN PURE standard